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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Doing my part

I saw the advertisement in the newspaper.  The county election services was looking for poll workers for the upcoming elections.  I was going to be in the area of their office the next morning, so I stopped in.  Before I knew it, I'd signed up and passed their simple cognitive test. (That means that in 20 questions they determined that I was smart enough to help out!)  I took the required 3 hour class last night.  My fellow classmates and I learned how to be pleasant and nice to people (guess that "skill" has died out while I was out of the states) as well as how to do our specific job.

votingThe process and job is very exacting and tightly controlled to preserve the integrity of the election process.  Having lived in Haiti for 25 years and seen that "election process", I was struck by the stark day and night contrast between these 2 countries.  The difference list could go on for pages and pages, but basically it is the well thought out process, organization of it, and goal of assuring the integrity of the election.  Whereas Haiti's election is the exact opposite:  lack of ballots, NO organization of how to carry it out, no controls, and most definitely NO integrity.  I know my perspective is unique, having lived out of the country for so long, but I couldn't help but think, "Do Americans REALLY know what they have??!!"

 I do not think so!

Sorry, just had to wake you all up!  No matter how messed up you may think America is, it is still a most special country and it's citizens are indeed very privileged.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to helping out in the upcoming elections, although it will be hard to remain nonpartisan for the day.  It should be an interesting experience.  I'm assigned to work in a precinct near our home, so I'll get to interact with quite a number of people from our small town.  My world consists of church and work here at RMI, so expanding my borders will be good and hopefully refreshing/challenging.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mixed Emotions

This past Thursday Deb and I went over to Ft. Lauderdale to spend the evening with Billy and Debbie Moses and their family (RMI missionaries in Haiti) and then put them on the plane on Friday A.M. as they headed back to Haiti. What a change for us. For 25 years it was our family that was heading back to Haiti. Now we are the ones waving goodbye as the last one passes through security. It was a strange feeling.

Boarding the AA plane

As we drove away from the airport afterwards, Deb and I talked about the mixed emotions this caused within us. On one hand, we remembered all the good times we had in Haiti, all the friends we (still) have there, and the ministry we were always going back to. On the other hand, we certainly did not miss the hectic last days of shopping, packing suitcases down to the last ounce, trying to get all the last minute details done, always wishing you had another day (or 2 or 3) and getting very little sleep if any before heading off to the airport early in the morning knowing you had a looong day ahead. Being able to fly from to Port to Cayes eases some of the burden, but for the most part we would have to get to Port and then drive 6 hours over rough roads to get home. Whew!

However, we agreed that we are glad those days are behind us. We have a new home and know that we are in God's will where we are. But we sure empathize with the Moses' as they headed back and are now getting settled into life in Haiti. (They did have a very good trip back, with everything going as smoothly as it can with American Airlines and in Haiti!)

It was good to see them and send them off with a hug.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home and a basket of South Carolina Peaches

We are home!  The 2 weeks we spent traveling seemed like an eternity in some ways.  It was good to see Deb's family, though.  They spent a lot of time beading, something they've all recently "gotten into". beads Her mom's dining room table was turned into a necklace and earring design factory.  It was a fun way to spend time together.  Dawn turned out to be quite creative and proficient in it. 


Dan used some of the time to meet with his advisor at CIU in regards to his starting in the fall to work towards his Masters.  Dawn spent a day at CIU too getting a tour and learning about the school.  She is starting to consider what college she is going to be attending in a year!

While the ladies were beading, he spent time with Billy Moses doing more extensive planning and training for the Haiti field.  Billy has finished his studies at CIU and he and his family are heading back to Haiti July 18.

We had an interesting 4th of July.  Billy Moses & family and the 3 of us went to the Peach Festival in Gilbert, SC (one stop light), only to find that there were no peaches.  Can't imagine what the organizers were thinking when they planned a peach festival without peaches everywhere!  As Dawn and Deb were getting their caricature pictures drawn it started to rain bushels and buckets (but not peaches).  It was a sight with all of us huddled under the tent, the artist trying to stay dry and finish her drawing, Dawn and Debbie trying to stay dry, look at the artist and smile and the rest of us picking things up off the ground to keep dry, keep ourselves dry and shield the artist from the blowing rain.  We were all relieved when it was finished, especially the artist.  We decided supper at Carrabba's was better than waiting there for the canceled fireworks.  We got home just in time to watch the neighborhood fireworks.  peachesOh, we did find one vendor along the road back home selling peaches, so we bought a basket to bring home.  NOW we finally have peaches.



~~Dawn's teeth are healing well!  She was miserable for a day or 2, but she bounced back, never "chipmunked" and has done remarkably well in her recovery.

~~Dan's shoulder recovery has gone remarkably well, too.  He has had no pain!  Well, that is until his physical therapist gets a hold of him. 

~~Debbie's legs and feet (neuropathy) continue to be an issue that affects her every day.  She's on a myriad of medications, but some symptoms remain.  We now have a handicapped placard for the car so she doesn't have to walk far in parking lots.

~~The trip to Wilmington went well.  It is a small church and they are very excited about their first trip to meet their Sister Church at the end of September.