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Monday, May 31, 2010

The work is starting!

The 1st Homes for Haiti container is unloaded, RMI VP, Kim Rose, has arrived in Haiti! The 1st Homes work team, Dan & Dawn are there. They will be making the jigs today & setting everything up to begin making the wall & roof panels. Pray that things will go smoothly, pray for the families who will be receiving the homes!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The container has arrived

Dan just called from Haiti to say that the housing container has arrived in Cayes and they were cutting the security seal then begin to unloading it. 

It’s real folks!!  It’s here!  We urgently need sponsors for the remaining homes.  $4,400 for each home.  Help make make it possible!

Friday, May 28, 2010

News Flash!!

The housing container has cleared customs….

RMI Intern, Dawn Shoemaker, flew to Haiti today….

Two teams flew to Haiti today….

The RMI container is in Port and will clear customs today….

RMI President, Dan Shoemaker, is in Haiti and Kim Rose, RMI Vice President, will be flying in on Sunday….

To say that there’s a lot happening in RMI today is an understatement!

**The housing container with 30 homes has cleared customs!!  ….in record time!!  It is being unloaded at the RMI depot/storage area tomorrow, Saturday.  What an amazing answer to prayer!  How great it will be to get these homes in place and assembled, providing a safe, secure place for Haitian families to re-start their lives. 

Jigs will be built that will serve as a pattern for the assembly of the wall and roof panels.  From there the panels will be trucked to the site where a team will assemble it.  The family receiving the home will be involved in the site preparation and assist in the installation of the home.  It will have a cement floor as well as 2 doors and 2 windows.

**RMI intern, Dawn Shoemaker, flew into Haiti today with a Sister Church team.  She was able to raise her support and is very thankful for God’s provision.  She’ll be there 5 weeks.  It is the first time she has been back to the land of her birth since we moved to the US 4 years ago.  She is very excited about helping with the Sister Church teams, Homes for Haiti teams and whatever else they need her to do.  Pray for her.  The mission center and Haiti has changed a lot in the intervening 4 years.  She is returning as an adult who feels God is leading her into full time ministry.  She wants to serve God and the Haitian people.

**Two teams flew into Haiti today.  Estero United Methodist Church sent 12 people to visit their Sister Church.  Since they are from the Southwest Florida area, Dawn was able to fly with them.  Second Cape May Baptist Church, a Sister Church, sent 8 men as the first Homes for Haiti team.  We’re thankful that God allowed the release of the Homes container in time for them to unload it and begin setting up the jigs.  Pray that things will go smoothly.

**The RMI container will be released from customs Monday.  It was loaded May 12 and contains generators, equipment, tools for the Homes Program and other badly needed things for the RMI Guest House, and the Retreat Center.  Again, it’s God’s provision that it is being released in time for the team to unload and begin to use the tools immediately.

 Image0016 tuned

Will it all fit?!

Image0018 tuned 

Yes, it did – every single item.  Dan, Kim and 9 young adults made short work of it.  In less than 3 hours, they loaded the entire 20’ container, right up to the door.

 **Dan is in Haiti and Kim will be flying in on Sunday.  Dan went in last Friday to be with a Vision Team.  2 RMI Board members organized the team with men from southern California and south Florida.  They handed out food aid in 2 communities and spent 2 days building benches and held an open air service in another community.  They returned home today, just as the 2 new teams came in.  Gary McLaughlin will be with the Sister Church team while Dan and Kim will be working on the containers and Homes with the work team.  Wow!!  Pray for them all.  The RMI staff is stretched thin. Pray for their safety and health as they have worked so hard for so long. 

Rainy season has started.  While the country needs the rain, it greatly complicates the refugees lives as well as complicates RMI’s efforts.  It has rained all week long, Monday through Friday!

Pray for the teams – that God would use this time in their lives in a mighty way.

Yes – a lot is happening in RMI!  We are excited about what God is doing.  Continue to pray for the provision of funds for the homes.  Of the 30 homes on the container, 17 are sponsored.  Can you, your church or other group sponsor a home?  $4,400 is a small price to pay for changing a Haitian family’s life!  We need you!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

35 Long Seconds

Absolutely the most incredible video!  Your heart will not only be touched but gripped with a burning desire to help.  RMI’s Home for Haiti is a tangible way you can help Haitian families rebuild with solid, well-built, long lasting homes.  They are built to International Hurricane and Earthquake codes.  After consulting with National Christian leaders, they are also culturally relevant – homes that Haitians would feel comfortable and secure in as well as gives them dignity.

While you go about your day today in security and stability, may you remember those in Haiti who also need this.  Go to RMI’s website to find out how you can sponsor a home!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RMI container has arrived at RMI office

The RMI container has arrived at the office! Next week it will be loaded with tools & equipment for the Homes for Haiti Program, items for our RMI missionaries, and many things for the RMI guesthouse, the Zanglais Retreat Center, the RMI vehicles as well as things sent to several Sister Churches. It's exciting to see it here and things moving for the Homes for Haiti Program!

RMI container 1 cropped

RMI container 4 cropped

Pray that purchases can be made quickly and the container filled by Friday, May 14.  It needs to be shipped quickly.  The tools and equipment are needed to start building the transitional homes.