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Thursday, January 29, 2009

They didn't think he'd live

52 years ago, a baby was born in Columbia, South Carolina.  He was premature, so teen tiny that his parents had to use handkerchiefs for diapers.  It was touch and go and they didn't think he'd live.  But he did!  I'm very thankful too, because he is now my wonderful husband, Dan. 

Happy Birthday Honey!!
















As a 5 year old in Haiti.

Dan chewing on sugarcane, circa 1970This is what 14 years old in Haiti looked like in 1971.  [A new picture just found!  Thanks Bev Wright Whitcomb!]

62 Married at 26 in Miami, FL.

98RMI Prez at 47!

I love you!  ~~Debbie

Friday, January 9, 2009

We lost our van

Yesterday we lost our van.  It was an event that we knew was coming, but still weren't quite prepared for.  We went to this building and after an exam, a lady handed Dawn a piece of plastic that entitled her to drive BY HERSELF.  And then all we saw was the cloud of dust as the van took off into the sunset!

new driver

We have a new driver in the house!  She got her license on the first try.  She was nervous, but did fine.  She is a good driver and has had her permit for over a year. 

It was still hard to let her go off by herself, though!  She had a great time going out to dinner and shopping (she's a great bargain hunter!) with a girlfriend.  We let her drive herself to school today - it was the first day back to school.  But I'm afraid that she'll have to re-join the ranks of the lowly bus riders tomorrow.

Now we all have more to pray about!  Can't believe our baby is driving.  There's just something about that that is hard to adjust to.  It is a giant leap toward apron string cut.

Where do I begin?

It was such a busy holiday season that I hardly know where to begin!

Three Cat Christmas treeWe did something this Christmas that we'd never done  before.  There were so many great sales before the 25th, that the 3 of us went shopping together.  We showed each other 2 or 3 things that each of us wanted (in the real cheap price range!), found them on super sales and went ahead and bought the items.  So, since I wanted a couple of purses and they were on sale, I looked and found what I wanted.  Thus we all knew what we were getting from each other.  No one could use their items or see them until they unwrapped them Christmas morning.  It was much more simple, less stressful, cheaper, we all got what we wanted and there were no returns to make!  It actually was fun to shop together this way.

Dan, Dawn and I had Christmas morning together, then joined Mom and Dad and one of our nephews and his wife, Caleb and Katarina, for Christmas dinner in Naples.  We also entered into several rounds of Pit, a raucous game that is a Shoemaker favorite.  All in all it was a good day.

Dawn was determined to squeeze, squash, cram and jam in every possible activity that she could during her Christmas break.  So we were kept busy going here, there and everywhere.  There were beach days, movies, shopping, girlfriend gatherings, times of hanging with friends, a volleyball club team sleep over, and lots of other activities. 

Devon came home from CIU.  That is a sentence with some finality to it.  He is not returning due to lack of funds.  He's disappointed about it, but is taking it in stride.  He was able to get back on the crew at his former job.  It's a company that pours / applies a specialty flooring for warehouses, garage floors, etc.  It pays well and they seem to be able to keep business going even in this recession - and they like him and want him working with them.  What a fantastic thing for a young man his age to have a job at this time!  He's living with his grandparents in Naples for the time being.  He's not sure what his future holds, but right now he's working and just trying to get his feet under him.

fossil huntingHe decided to go camping with his cousin, Jonathan,  over Christmas.  They went to Peace River (about 1 1/2 hours north of us) where they fished for their meals, went fossil hunting (found a giant sloth bone, a mammoth tooth, quite a bit of shark teeth and other bones yet to be identified) and had a great time. 

Dawn went to the same area over New Years with Caleb and Katarina.  They enjoyed their time there as well.  The water was frigid, the stars were bright, the fire was warm, the schmores were great and they sure were freaked out when that coyote howled his heart out just yards from their campsite!