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Friday, January 9, 2009

We lost our van

Yesterday we lost our van.  It was an event that we knew was coming, but still weren't quite prepared for.  We went to this building and after an exam, a lady handed Dawn a piece of plastic that entitled her to drive BY HERSELF.  And then all we saw was the cloud of dust as the van took off into the sunset!

new driver

We have a new driver in the house!  She got her license on the first try.  She was nervous, but did fine.  She is a good driver and has had her permit for over a year. 

It was still hard to let her go off by herself, though!  She had a great time going out to dinner and shopping (she's a great bargain hunter!) with a girlfriend.  We let her drive herself to school today - it was the first day back to school.  But I'm afraid that she'll have to re-join the ranks of the lowly bus riders tomorrow.

Now we all have more to pray about!  Can't believe our baby is driving.  There's just something about that that is hard to adjust to.  It is a giant leap toward apron string cut.

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Mike Messerli said...

Congratulations and my sympathies. I still remember the little girl I saw years ago in Haiti. It's hard to believe she's grown up already. She has become a beautiful young lady.