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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Devon's big announcement

June 3 Devon came over for a birthday steak dinner.  I guess Dan did a fantastic job on the steaks because he ate and ate!  Since this was his 22nd birthday, he decided that it was the perfect occasion to make his special announcement.  He said that now that he was turning 22, it was probably time that he "grew up", matured, etc....and that he decided it was time to get brand new Crocs.  We were shocked, surprised, happy and relieved.  Now, if you know Devon, this is a momentous decision.  For several years now, he's taken great pride is his mis-matched (yes, one tan and one black), used, abused, cracked and falling apart Crocs.  They have been one of his trademarks.


They even have extra "vents" that have developed.


The one issue he said in his announcement was that he'd be getting the new Crocs when he got the money together to buy them, then he added that the ones he wanted were camoflaged color/designed and were on sale at the Bass Pro Shop.  What a kid.  So, after recovering from the shock and awe, we sent his sister and he to the Bass Pro Shop with our ATM card to get his crocs.  [We hadn't gotten him anything because he wouldn't tell us what he wanted!]


Happy Birthday Devon!!!  We love you!  Enjoy the new Crocs!  (At least they match!  Wonder how many years these will last?)


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