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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Volleyball, Guardian Angels and a New Apartment


Volleyball season is over, but not before an exciting finish!  Her team was regional runner up in the NCCAA Div. II.  They were ranked #10 in the nation and earned the chance to go to the National Tournament, held in Kissimmee (Orlando).  We were able to attend 1 of the 2 days.  They won 2 of their 4 matches, which placed them 5th in the nation!!  Not bad for a 3 year old program!  The coach received “South Region Coach of the Year”.  Dawn was ranked 3rd  in the southern region in her position as a middle.  She was also nominated for 2nd Team All Region and National All Tournament Team.  She didn’t receive the awards, but it was special just to be nominated.  She had a great time playing, yet is relieved to have a break from it now. 

She doesn’t sit still though…she has a part-time job at Trinity’s campus coffee shop, she plays ultimate frisbee, is on a team in a bowling league in town and somewhere in there she’s doing school work (we hope!).  Over Thanksgiving break she visited her roommate in Miami.  Still can’t believe we let her go to Miami by herself.

Guardian Angels

We’ve always said both of our kids have very active, special guardian angels.  Dawn’s kept her alive several times when she was younger.  They are a special gift of God!  Recently she and a friend went on a picnic in a park and were literally stalked by an aggressive coyote.  It even stood in front of the car in the middle of the road as they left.  It was quite scary for them.

But the most recent incident was yesterday on her way back to Trinity after Thanksgiving break.  She was on I-75 in the Tampa area and had cars on all sides of her.  A screwdriver or long piece of metal flew out of the back of a pickup, bounced all over the highway and smashed into her windshield on the driver’s side.  She didn’t panic, held the car steady and tried to avert her head in case it came through the windshield.  The windshield held despite 2 points of impact.  As you can see  it suffered some damage, but Dawn was safe.  Praise the Lord!  We were so relieved when we heard about it.  It could have caused a chain reaction crash or worse.  cracked windshield 11-30-09

A New Apartment

Devon has moved into his own apartment!  His roommate is his best friend, Kyle Vrooman.  They grew up together in Haiti.  He was able to get Kyle a job at the same moving and storage company where he works, so Kyle moved down from Titusville, FL.  They’ve both been living with Devon’s grandparents in Naples while they looked for an apartment.  (yes, they are very gracious grandparents!!)  He is so excited to be on his own.  When he’s not working (he works long hours!), he’s playing ultimate frisbee, camping & fossil hunting on the Peace River, visiting his alligator wrestling cousin (REALLY AND TRULY!!) in Miami, fishing or having some other extreme adventure.  He has kept his guardian angels busy since he was very young!  We’ve often shaken our heads  in amazement and commented that God must have assigned extra angels to Devon.  We excited for him about this apartment.  He’s having fun garage sale-ing for furniture and setting it up.  Who knows, maybe we’ll eventually get an invitation to a meal some day?!


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Mike Messerli said...

HEY DAN AND DEB, Congratulations, I have been hitting "next blog" looking at Christian blogs and yours came up in the rotation. You are on the list! Cool!

I hope you have a great Christmas.