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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Urgent Prayer Needed

Amy & a friend, Tiburon summer 2010 RMI missionary, Amy Long, is in need of urgent prayer.  She is experiencing retinal bleeding in her left eye.  She is not in pain, but does have very blurry vision in that eye.  This seems to be an issue brought on by her type 1 diabetes.  She was able to go to a special eye clinic in Cayes on Monday to get this diagnosis and was told that she needed immediate laser surgery. 

She is flying home to Jacksonville, FL tomorrow (Wednesday), and will be staying with her parents.  God’s hand has been working for Amy already.  Her mom has been able to get her an appointment with a retinal specialist at 8 a.m. Thursday morning!  It is possible that she’ll have surgery the same day.

Pray that God will give the doctor wisdom as he diagnoses the problem and performs the surgery.

Pray for peace for Amy as she flies home leaving responsibilities (RMI has 3 back-to-back teams right now!) and facing some serious unknowns regarding her eyesight.

Pray that surgery can be done quickly, that the damage will be minimal and her eyesight will be fully restored.

Pray for Amy’s financial situation since this medical crisis is unexpected.  Her insurance will cover some of the costs and some gifts have already been received to help cover her deductible.  She will need finances to cover her plane flights and other unforeseen expenses.  Any gifts for Amy’s expenses can be sent to RMI designated for Amy’s ministry account.

If you want to send Amy a card, her address is:  Amy Long, 3114 Starburst Way, Jacksonville, FL  32223.  Her email is  She will updating her blog regularly, too.  We will also post updates as we receive them as well.

At this time, it is uncertain as to how long she’ll be in the US.  It will depend entirely on her medical situation and her doctors.

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