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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Look at 2014

Since it's hard to capture every highlight of 2014, we're going to settle for a summary...

...we spent our 31st anniversary (in March) in Charleston, SC.  Despite the biting cold and wind, we enjoyed the horse & buggy tour, historic homes, the battery, and restaurants. Our favorite dish was shrimp and grits. Poogins Porch was a gem of a restaurant in a restored historic home, one of many such restaurants that we enjoyed.  It was nice not to have to eat at chain restaurants.

...a dream of Dan’s came true when he got his motorcycle license.  We had to laugh at him taking a 2 day course for it especially since he’d been riding since he was about 11 yrs. old!  When a friend upgraded his bike, he offered Dan a deal he couldn’t refuse for his old one.  It’s already “tricked out” so all he had to get was a jacket and helmut.  If you want to go on a ride, just give him a call.

...Devon and Kristen are living in the Boca Raton, FL area.  Devon is managing a full service salon for the new owner, his father-in-law.  He is getting quite a bit of valuable “on the job training” from an astute businessman.  Kristen is working with him in the salon.  They are both enjoying this new adventure.  Recently they were able to move to a town home, giving them more space for their lab, Chloe.  If you need quality salon services, look up Salon de Soleil in Boca Raton.

...Deb joined her sisters for their annual trip to the mountains in October. This year they prowled the little towns of Blowing Rock and Boone, NC. The fall leaves were gorgeous and it was cold but they had a good time together and made some great memories.  The plaque says (appropriately!) "What happens with the girls stays with the girls."  She was also able to spend several days with her mom in Greenville, SC.

...after several weeks we finished repurposing a piece of furniture into an aviary for our finches.  The aviary fits perfectly in the only spot we have for it (which isn't near any counters, tables or chairs.  The upper 2/3 is open for them to fly around. The bottom portion is plexiglas to keep the cats from climbing and getting to them while the top has bars. Having the drawers for storage is a nice plus.  We’ve already had 1 clutch of 2 babies hatch.  They are fun to watch and listen to their quiet chirps and songs. The aviary makes a great cat TV, too.  The 4 cats sit there and intently watch everything that the birds do.  Not bad for something gotten from Craig's List!

...2014 was Dawn’s year for significant change in her life. 

In May we celebrated her graduation from Trinity College of Florida.  She actually finished her course work in December then stayed in the area to continue working at Trinity as acting Director of Facilities & Maintenance and at the local YMCA.  She worked hard for this accomplishment and we are so proud of her!

...during those spring months she also awaited God’s direction as to her next steps.  In March she received a call asking her to be the graduate assistant volleyball coach at Trinity International University (Deerfield, IL).  After praying about it and making a visit to the campus she accepted the position and made arrangments to pursue a masters in mental health counseling at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (the grad school associated with TIU located there on the same campus).  We found ourselves packing Dawn’s possessions once again, but this time we moved her from Tampa to Ft. Myers.  After getting everything into her car (a notable accomplishment), she and Debbie then made a marathon 2 day drive to Chicago.  Chattanooga was mid-way there and they had a short but fun overnight with Debbie’s niece and her husband and son.

After helping Dawn unpack and get settled, she flew home.  Dawn enjoyed her coaching and found the course work challenging.

...graduating college, moving from Florida (away from palm trees and warm sandy beaches) to the suburbs of Chicago (huge, endless city, the freezing cold and blowing snow), changing jobs, transitioning from playing volleyball to coaching, AND starting grad school have been significant changes for Dawn.  

The new year will bring yet another change as she takes a semester off from grad school and moves back to Tampa to work as well as see what the future holds for her and her boyfriend, Jeremy Richardson.  He is a physical therapist and an accomplished Ironman Triathlete but more than that he loves the Lord.  They bring out the best in each other and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.  We’ll let you know if their status stay tuned!

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