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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is what we feel like

When I saw this on a friend's blog, I couldn't help but recognize it.  This is what we feel our lives are like right now...a mixture of gleeful joy, sheer terror, wishing it would stop but glad it hasn't yet. 

joy and terror

This week is the "calm" before the storm.  (Is this what "calm" is like?)  Dawn is furiously working on the last bit of schoolwork.  Friday is the last day of her senior year.  Monday - Wednesday are finals.  Friday the 22nd is graduation.   The next day, Saturday, we are taking a week of vacation on Ft. Myers Beach.  This way Dawn can have a week long graduation beach party.

Oh yeah, in the middle of that vacation week, one of my sisters, Brandi, is flying in for a 10 day visit.  (we have to go to Ft. Lauderdale to get her - 2 hours away)  The day she leaves, my mom comes for a 10 day visit.  [First time we've had any of my family come visit us in over 20 years!]  A week after she leaves, we have to head to North and South Carolina for church visits and our yearly dental visit.  That takes us to July!!

Almost forgot, Dan has some travel during June too.

Dawn is looking for a job for June and July.  We're pursuing students loans for Dawn for college and praying like crazy we can find a way to pay for college [please pray with us!!!!!!!!].  And we're looking for a car for her, too.  Only the Lord knows how we can accomplish all of this.  She'll also be getting ready for college in July.

Early August we'll be taking Dawn to college and getting her settled in.

Maybe August 18 we'll have a chance to catch our breath.  Why that date?  I don't know, I just pulled that date out of the hat. 

Now you can see what that photo grabbed my attention!

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