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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News Flash!

Dan is on his way to Nassau, Bahamas tonight then will fly to Haiti tomorrow @ 6 a.m. on a relief flight to Cayes. He is taking 2 full suitcases of medical supplies. The group of 4 planes is also carrying medical supplies for the hospitals in Cayes. Pray as he assesses the situation, meets with RMI staff & missionaries & the MEBSH leadership.

He will be able to see the refugee situation firsthand.  We are being told that refugees are flooding the Cayes area.  Fuel is out, food is getting scarce, stores are reluctant to open due to fear of being looted.  The hospitals are standing room only.  They are getting a few medical supplies in via the planes that Dan is going in on.  Those supplies run out in just a day or two due to the overwhelming crush of injured. 

RMI is in a unique situation.  With an established presence there, we will have opportunity to help in so many ways.  Donations are starting to come in, medical people are starting to volunteer and medical supplies are being donated.  The need is so great!!  Shortly the press will tire of Haiti and leave, but the needs will not be over….not for a very long time.

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