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Monday, January 18, 2010

RMI is in the newspaper & team gets home!

RMI is one of the feature articles in the Sunday Ft. Myers News-Press! Check it out here.  Already today Dan has talked with someone from NBC Nightly News looking for missionaries to talk to. It's great to get this coverage. Hopefully it'll bring awareness to what we are doing and thus more help. 

The team that was stuck in Haiti was able to get out on several relief aid planes that came in from the Bahamas Sunday morning. They were able to get home to South Carolina by the evening. This is great news!

Our Haitian staff went to Port to see the situation for themselves and to see if the road to the airport was open.  Here are some of the pictures that they took:

This is the wharf in Port-au-Prince.



The National Palace – it used to be 3 stories!

This was a 2 story home.

A landslide that has covered half the road.

Pray for Haiti!  Not only are most of the buildings in Port destroyed, but what little infrastructure there was is now gone.  What government there was is now gone – the president is alive, but many government leaders are dead.  Many government buildings are rubble.  Commerce has been dealt a huge blow.  Communication is almost nonexistent.  There is no electricity nor clean water.  And fuel has almost run out.  This is a catastrophe that affects not only the capital, but the ENTIRE country.  Refugees are now flooding the countryside.  And the news has not even reported on the fact that there are quite a number of towns, large and small, that were also flattened.  No aid is being given there.

One phenomenon that reporters couldn’t figure out Sunday was how Haitians could go to the rubble site that used to be their church and praise God for His faithfulness.  They thought they should be asking “why God?”, not “Thank you God”.  The reporters just didn’t grasp how Christian Haitians had their priorities right.

Things are shaping up and falling into place as RMI is receiving relief funds and medical supplies and putting together medical surgical teams.  We are working to partner with Samaritans Purse and hope to be their distribution center for Southern Haiti.  Dan is trying to fly into Cayes on a relief plane Wednesday, going through the Bahamas.  He will try to give some directions and organization to our missionaries there.  It’s not sure how long he’ll stay, but we’ll keep you posted. 

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