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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Notes for the week

#1 – Last week thieves stole the power cables at the office again, so we had to work out of the office again (it happened back in the fall).  The power is back on now and we are so thankful it took less than a week!!

#2 – Dan and Kim (RMI’s new VP) are in Haiti this week.  They are researching the next phase of RMI’s relief efforts, transitional housing.  They will be meeting with several key people and committees for rebuilding.  This is Kim’s first trip to Haiti, so he will have a great opportunity to not only assist in this but be able to meet RMI’s Haiti staff, get to know RMI’s field and see our facilities.  It’ll help give him a much better understanding of how things work there.

Pray that they will be able to get appointments with the right people, that RMI would find favor in the sight of these people and committees and that God will give them clear direction.

More details will follow once plans for this effort are finalized!  Stay tuned!!

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