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Monday, January 7, 2013

An even bigger reason to smile and jump for joy! An engagement announcement….

On Dec. 21 she said yes!!

Devon asked his girlfriend, Kristen Discavage, to marry him and she said yes!  We’re going to be “in-laws”.  And since he proposed with a much longed for puppy, we already have a “grand puppy” that comes to visit.  Chloe is a red fox lab and will be a big, lovable dog.

It was fun being a part of the secret, visiting the puppy with Devon, seeing the ring and helping with Devon’s “epic ask”. 

Here is the video of it….
You might have to watch it a couple of times to hear everything.  Turn your volume up quite a bit and you’ll have to turn your head sideways a bit because of the camera angle.  Let me walk you through it…The camera is set into a decorated Christmas tree in a small public park.  The ring was positioned in it’s box near it so you’ll see Devon reach up near the camera to retrieve it.  Dawn, Caleb (Devon’s cousin) and Wes (Devon’s roommate) all helped get everything ready.  Devon picked the puppy up from the breeder that afternoon. While he took Kristen to supper, the backup crew decorated a huge box, cut out letters to spell her name on the box, took care of the puppy then, on cue, took the box, cameras, puppy and ring to the park.  They had everything all ready, including the puppy (who was very quiet at that point because it had just been taken from her mom and she wasn’t sure what was going on) in the box ready to go.  They hid in the shadows with additional cameras running.

Kristen opens the box and sees the puppy.  She’s so overwhelmed at the puppy that she doesn’t take her out of the box.  This step is important because there are 2 tags on the dog.  One has her name and one says “will you marry me”.  So you see Devon (who has retrieved the ring from the tree and is hiding it behind his back) trying to stay on one knee.  He lifts the puppy out of the box one handed and encourages her to read the tags.  It takes her a minute to find the 2nd tag.  That’s when he pops the question. oh…and his pet name for her is “girlie”…so he calls her girlie Discavage.

At the end the backup crew come into view.

They’ve been busy planning the wedding since then.  The important details right now is that they’ve set the date of July 27, 2013 and it’ll take place in the Ft. Lauderdale area (her hometown).

Kristen is a sweet gal that compliments Devon in many ways.  We love her and are excited to have her join the family soon!!

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