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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dawn is a celebrity!

Imagine my surprise when a friend of mine called to tell me that she saw Dawn in Trinity’s monthly letter!  We had no idea.  My friend sent it to me and we just about burst with pride when we read it.

[Disclaimer:  Unfortunately she wasn’t happy with the picture they chose to run with it!]
She’d done the interview last year, but didn’t know when they’d run it.  They stated that she’s a junior, but now she’s a senior.  Oh well.  We’re still pleased with them choosing her as a spokesman and as a student that represents Trinity well.

She received an scholarship over the Christmas break that allowed her to go back this semester.  She also got word that she was given a manager’s position in food services at Trinity where she worked last semester.  This means she’ll get more hours and a slight raise in pay.  It basically pays for gas, food and a few necessities.

She had to move out of the school’s apartment because the school closed it.  There were a few dropouts, opening enough room in the dorm for the apartment girls.  Since she doesn’t have the funds to live in the dorm, she is living off campus in a bit of an unusual situation. 

She and her roommate, Kate, are living in Kate’s grandmother’s RV for 2 1/2 months.  Before you panic, the RV is one of the huge, long ones that has a couple of pull out sections.  It will be parked in her grandmother’s yard (her grandfather will do the weekly septic run for them), which is 2 houses away from Kate’s family.  So we feel that it’s a reasonably safe option.  Dawn is looking for another living situation after this one is finished at the end of March – a big prayer request!!  It will need to be from the end of March and possibly be through the end of the summer.  The school said she could be an RA again in the apartment that they anticipate opening up again in the fall. 

She left this week and is already back to work and in classes. We’re empty nesters again!

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