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Thursday, May 23, 2013

30 years!

March 26, 1983


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2013 familly picture

March 26, 2013

30 years

We thought that you’d like to see our family through the last 30 years.  To celebrate we took a Caribbean cruise with our close friends, Kim and Barbara Rose.  You can see the pictures HERE.  It was a blast – so much fun.  It’s been a wonderful 30 years.  We’ve lived in 3 places…or 300, depending on if you count all the many places and people we’ve visited over the years.  We always told our kids that home was where the suitcases were.  And those suitcases went many, many places.

We’ve gotten older but hopefully wiser.  And we’d do it all over again.  This time next year we will be able to include an extra member to the family.  Devon and Kristen will be getting married in just 2 months!

God has been good to us.  We are grateful to him for the 30 years we’ve had together, the lives and ministry that we’ve had and our 2 fantastic kids.

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