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Friday, April 18, 2008

The case of the vanishing dollar

It's a real mystery. We can't figure it out. We have looked under the couch cushions. We have searched all our pockets (only found lint). We've thought and thought, trying to figure out where it might have gone.

Our dollars have vanished!

In our search, we have figured out a small part of the mystery. Not all of it mind you, but a portion of it.

As the economy encounters difficult times and people have financial setbacks, the first thing that gets cut from the budget is giving to church and to missions. We, and RMI, have experienced this first hand. Giving has drastically fallen off - both giving for our personal support and for operating RMI. RMI has cut back and streamlined significantly. There are folks who continue to faithfully. We have also instituted a new giving program named Impact Partners. God has blessed this initiative and a number of people have responded. This sacrificial and committed giving has been such an encouragement to us personally and to the RMI leadership. We could not continue in this ministry if it weren't for you.

Pray that we will continue to experience God's provision. We are confident that He will bring those dollars back. And if you'd like to be an Impact Partner, please contact us or contact RMI at

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