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Friday, June 20, 2008

Dan is a real "cut up"

Thursday, yesterday, Dan had his rotator cuff surgery. He was glad to get it over with to be able to get on with the recovery.

IMG_0974 Here he is at the day surgery center before. The surgery took longer than they thought because when the doctor got in there, he found that Dan's biceps muscles were attached to the wrong part of his body. Sounds weird doesn't it?! So he reattached them to where they were supposed to be as well as doing the rotator cuff repair as planned. It won't result in any longer or different recovery for him. He explained that it was a genetic anomaly. And there's no way of knowing if his other arm is the same way.

It's really odd that after more than 25 years of lifting 70 lbs.+ luggage and all the hard Haiti driving and all the hard physical work he's been doing that this injury happens now. All we can figure is that God held him together! He has had a strong physical makeup, but over the years it's worn down to the level that lifting a 17 lbs. cat was the proverbial straw that tore the rotator cuff muscle.

IMG_0975 Trying to wake up afterward was hard and took a while!

IMG_0978 Ready to head home.

As I write this, he's already had one physical therapy and the drain taken out. Sunday he'll have the local anesthesia pump taken out and the bandages taken off. Then he'll be down to that massive sling for a month. Ice will have to be applied often and therapy several times a day.

Here's the part you may not believe...tomorrow, Saturday, we (Dan, Dawn and I) are leaving for 3 weeks! RMI is having a RMI missionary/staff retreat in Central Florida for 3 days, then we will head to North and South Carolina where we will have dental work done, see family, and have meetings with several individuals and churches. It's a combined business/vacation trip.

I'm just glad that Dawn has her driving permit and wants to do a lot of the driving!! It'll be an interesting trip under the circumstances. Pray for us!! We'll give you updates as we can along the road.


Brandon and Jenny said...

AH! We're so glad that you guys have this blog. You do such a great job of getting those photos up. We're praying for you all and we hope Dan's recovery is brief. I remember his knee surgery MANY years ago and his recovery at our house. When Dawn was just a little bitty girl!

Your home is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for keeping folks up-to-date.

turbotortoise said...

Hi Dan,
How has your rotator cuff surgery recovery been? I hope the physio has helped, and you've made good progress.

I'm suffering from a rotator cuff problem, and was surfing around, trying to find personal accounts, so I'd have some idea of what I might be in for, when I found your blog. I get the results of an ultrasound in a few days. Right now, it looks like I have a small tear, probably not big enough to warrant surgery.

Thanks for posting information about this. It's helpful for others going through a similar experience.