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Friday, June 27, 2008

Dawn's Senior year without wisdom??!

From the Hawthorne Summit, Dan, Dawn and I drove to South Carolina where we are staying with my mom and sister for a short visit.  Thursday we drove to Gastonia, NC for our annual dental visit.  A dentist there has helped us out each summer with needed dental work.  This year Dan and I had our teeth cleaned.  Dawn spent 4 hours in the chair having 8 cavities filled (remember, she grew up in Haiti where the water is NOT treated with fluoride!) AND had all 4 of her wisdom teeth taken out.  Yes, we said all 4 of her wisdom teeth taken out!!!!  Wow.  What a trooper she was to have all this work done at once.  And what a fantastic gift this special dentist has given us in doing the work! 

wisdom teeth She had a really rough evening with pain, etc.  But had a good night's sleep and was doing better today.  She has been able to eat soft food and the swelling hasn't been bad at all.  We have wondered how on earth she can go through her senior year with all her wisdom gone!  She didn't find that little joke very funny....but then again, she was in awful pain at the moment.


She's going to stay here in Columbia over the weekend with her grandma (not a bad deal - she is going to learn to do beading and make her own necklaces.  She's already picked out some amazing beads and such to put together!  She's very creative and artsy.).  Dan and I will be going to speak at Church on the Cape in Wilmington, NC.  They are a new sister church and are heading to Haiti this fall.


By the way, Dan is NOT experiencing much pain so far in his shoulder!  His recovery seems to be going well.

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