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Friday, June 20, 2008

Devon is 21!!!!

I know it is hard to believe, but yes, our firstborn is now 21.  He wasn't working on his birthday, so he came over to Ft. Myers Beach where we were on a week of vacation.  We all spent the day together.  It was a treat to have bison meatloaf for lunch and sushi for supper.   2 friends from Haiti, Kyle and Andrew Vrooman, came over from Titusville, FL  for the weekend and when we came home, they were already there at the house.  Mom and Dad and one cousin, Caleb, came for the evening and we had a great cookout and party (despite the air conditioning being broken when we got home).  Growing up in Haiti he was our tarantula guys.  He used to capture and sell them to the visiting teams.  In honor of that, I baked a plastic spider in each cupcake that I made him!  :)  Once he bit into one and found it, the others had to have their spidercakes.

IMG_0912He had told me he wanted me to make him a quilt in January (totally clueless as to what he was asking!!)  I found the quilt I'd made in Haiti for my kids and showed it to him at the party, just to prove that I had made him a quilt once.  But it was 20 years old and about 36 inches square.  After several other presents, we gave him ours.  It was so big that we had to put it in a plastic bin.

IMG_0934 He was shocked to find a queen sized, handmade, down filled John Deere quilt that I'd made!  (It was so big that I had to work on it spread all over the house and had to have help to move it around.  It was a tie quilt, not a patchwork quilt, so it was "easier" to make.)

IMG_0942 IMG_0945 Dawn made him a John Deere pillow to go with it.

IMG_0949 Yes, he loves John Deere!


It was a great celebration and he was one happy 21 year old.  God has given a good job with a specialty cement company.  He lives most of the with his grandparents in Naples, staying occasionally here with us.

Happy Birthday Devon!!  We love you!

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amycook said...

hey, you don't know me, but my name is amy cook and my family and i know devon from ciu. we sorta adopted a bunch of the college kids while they were up here and have been able to keep in touch with most of them except devon. we (mostly my brother andrew who goes to ciu) were wondering if there was a number we could have to get in touch with devon, just to say hey and the like. if you could just email me at . i also sent a package down there for his birthday so i don't know if the address he gave us if y'alls or not. i was wonderin if y'all could give it to him when you see him. and tell him the cook family says hey and andrew can't wait till devon comes back up so they can go catch the big one. thanks :)
this is turning into a book, not a short note :) if you're wondering how i found your blog i was working on a school project this year and interviewed devon about haiti and found this while looking on the mission website. it helped me with my socialization project to suplement what devon told me. i started reading and it's been great to get to know y'all a little more.