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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Catfish sting!

It had been a successful day of fishing in the mangroves for Devon, his grandparents, Herb and Shirley Shoemaker, and his cousin, Caleb and his wife, Katarina last Saturday.  That is until Devon's grandmother pulled in a catfish.  As it came out of the water, it swung wildly.  catfish Devon tried to dodge it but it struck his stomach.  What most people don't know is that catfish have a stinging barbs on their dorsal and pectoral fins.  One of those barbs penetrated his stomach area.  It was in him so well that he had to really yank hard on the fish to get it out!  The toxin caused immediate, intense pain throughout his whole body.  They took him back to the house and looked up the treatment for catfish sting on the internet.  Surprisingly, it's to apply heat to draw out the poison.  Even with some heavy painkillers and hot compresses, he was in intense pain for hours.  He told us the next day that he really thought he was going to die.  He showed us the entry site and it looks just like a pinprick.  Amazing.  I'm just glad that he was with people who could take care of him right away (that he wasn't alone!) and that it didn't hit him in the heart area! 

He sure keeps his guardian angels busy!

[As of today, his stomach area is still very sensitive and he is starting to feel much better overall.]

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