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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There are whitecaps in our yard

Yeah, you have to stop and think about that one for a moment.  "Fay" showed that she has a mind of her own.  She turned early, came ashore much sooner and has not decreased in speed.  Since she turned inland earlier, that meant that the eye went 8-10 miles east of us rather than several miles off the coast to the west of us.  At 10:30 a.m. the eye was directly east of here where we live.  The winds have been constant since last night but got much stronger throughout the morning - getting very fierce at times.  Our house is holding together fine.  The lanai is completely wet, clear up to our sliding doors.

There has been more than 5" of rain.  Here is a picture of our right side neighbor's backyard.


This is our left side neighbor's backyard.


We must be at a slightly higher elevation because our yard is a little less flooded.


Considering we're practically in the everglades, that must be a foot or 2 in elevation!

The electricity has flickered on and off some but has stayed on, for which we are thankful!!

By tonight the rain should stop and tomorrow we'll see the sun again.  Then will come to job of putting the potted plants back outside, cleaning up the lanai, etc.  Praise God that it has not been worse for us and the rest of the area.

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