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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Leadership Summit

August 7 and 8 I had the opportunity to attend the Willow Creek Association "The Leadership Summit" they produce every year.  It is beamed via satellite into more than 100 locations in the US.  What a great opportunity to be immersed in awesome teaching. As speaker after speaker shared from their hearts about leaders and spiritual as well as practical principles of leadership, I was challenged and re-vitalized. 

It was a great time of input into my life personally and as a leader.  I have some good input that will help me as an RMI leader.  I was also able to make some good contacts for possible future sister churches.

But mostly I appreciated the emphasis from all the speakers on the need as leaders for spiritual holiness, freshness, and devotion to Christ.  No matter the ministry, organization, or company, the first order of business is your own personal pursuit of holiness.  Funny how that sounds so biblical!  However, in the pursuit of providing good leadership it is so easy to forget the foundation. 

I needed to hear those words.  I was challenged in my own faith to verify my continual pursuit of Christ.  How close am I to my Lord?  How sold out am I for Him?  Can I say as one speaker said, "Bring it on God! Whatever you want, I am yours". 

How about you?  Are you pursuing God?  What is your first order of business?  Can you say to God, "Bring it on God! "? 

Dan Shoemaker

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