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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fluid & Flux

The state of things in Haiti and RMI are very fluid these days.  It is much like a large river.  It rushes in flood stage and we feel like we are drowning.  It ebbs and flows.  As time goes by needs change and new opportunities appear.  All that said, I am doing my best to keep you informed on what is happening. 

Some of the 9,000 lbs of medical supplies has gotten into Haiti, but there is still some left at the airport.  Another load of orthopedic equipment and supplies was delivered this week.  The leftover supplies and the new shipment (together now total 7,000 lbs.) will hopefully be flown in on Friday, Feb. 12.  Pray that that is able to take place.  So many options and plans have been made for these things and most of it has fallen through.  It’s been a daily volley of phone calls all over the country to keep it going.  Herb and Shirley have been the point people on this effort and have done a superb job.

Medical personnel are still helping in the Les Cayes area, working at either the General Hospital, the Cite Lumiere Hospital or the mountain MEBSH hospital, Bonne Fin. 

Medical supplies and other relief aid is coming in through the Methodist Habitat of the Bahamas straight to Cayes. We had hoped they would be able to help us get the 7,000 lbs. of stuff down to Cayes, but it proved too great a task since they only fly 6 seater planes.

The RMI missionaries and staff in Haiti continue to work in relief aid 24/7.  They’ve done a superb job and we are proud of them!  RMI vehicles and trucks continue to transport relief aid of all sorts from the airport to distribution points on the mission center and then on to it’s  needed destination.  They have also helped with 3 trips to transport refugees from Port to a MEBSH youth camp in the Cayes area that has become a refugee center for the next 3 months.

The RMI guesthouse is in constant use these days for medical personnel, mission executives doing assessment tours and even a stray reporter or two!  Often RMI provides a translator and transportation to their various destinations if possible.

Calls have come in from all over the US.  A public school in Pennsylvania wants to collect funds and put together hygiene kits for refugees.  Doctors and nurses continue to call in to offer their services.  Men have called to let us know their availability for construction when the rebuilding takes place.  Rotary clubs are asking how they can help [Dan is speaking to some members of the Southwest Florida Rotary Club today, sharing what the Cayes Rotary Club is doing and fielding questions as to how they can be involved!].  Local reporters have interviewed both Dan and I, not once, but 2 and 3 times.  Thirteen first graders at a local Christian school did extra chores and collected $65 for Haiti.  They asked me to come and talk to them.  They were very proud to present me a check for Haiti relief.

Keep tuned to this blog and RMI's website for the latest ebbs and flows!

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