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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“I didn’t know how I was going to feed all these people. It’s a miracle!”

Missions Conference  Rob & Becky Thompson and Dan and I were invited to be a part of our church’s annual missions conference this past week.  It’s a large church….and the conference is large and 5 days long.  Kim Rose, Kent Commons and I scurried intensely for a couple of days getting the display and other things ready (the earthquake has kind of taken precedence over everything else).  Then I had to attend events by myself until Dan arrived, mid-way through the conference.

Dan returned from Haiti late Thursday night, Feb. 4.  I was happy to have my hubby home again, but there has been no rest for the weary.  He had to jump right into the conference as well as answer phone call after phone call.

We had breakfast yesterday, Tuesday, with the folks who brought down the additional supplies to be flown in Friday (they drove all the way from Arkansas and were on their way back home).  What fun to hear their stories of God’s provision of these supplies to them so they could give them to Haiti through RMI!

Dan is to be the chapel speaker next week at Trinity College of Florida, Dawn’s college.  We were there for their missions conference in the fall.  They want a first-hand report on how things are going in Haiti.  [I guess I’ll go along – I do have a daughter that’s needs visiting :) ]

Dan’s time in Haiti went well.  He was able to go to Port and make several significant contacts for food aid.  He was actually given 600 bags of rice, 150 lbs. of beans and 5 gallons of oil to take back with him.  On way back to Cayes, he stopped at the Zanglais church (Zanglais is where RMI’s Retreat Center is) to give the pastor this food to help feed his people.  The pastor had tears in his eyes as he said, “It’s a miracle.  This morning I got up and wondered how I was going to feed all these people.  And then you show up with food!  I have over 1,000 people (refugees) in this area that need food.  It’s a miracle!”

Through one of those contacts, RMI is now making weekly trips into Port to get a truck load of food relief to distribute in the Cayes area.  This is a significant development and will be a great help to the refugees!

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