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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jules Update

Gary and Marilyn McLaughlin were able to visit Jules in December.

Jules - cropped

Jules & Marilyn tuned

Jules & Mart tuned 


He underwent heavy duty chemo treatments 3 times a week in preparation for his bone marrow transplant.    Two days before his bone marrow transplant, a lump was discovered on his neck.  After a lot of tests, they found that it was an infection.  He was given heavy antibiotics and seems to be better. 

He met with his doctor last week and the decision was that now that the infection is gone, he must undergo another 4 weeks of chemo before any transplant. 

Pray for him….

* He must go to these chemo treatments by public transportation.  This means going from their apartment to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, then after the bus ride from that stop to the hospital.  After the treatment, then they have to reverse the process.  And all of this in heavy snow [remember these are Haitians who do not like the cold!] and not feeling well.  Occasionally friends give them a ride, which is a welcome relief.

* He and Martha are “hanging in there”, but they still struggle with boredom and feel isolated and homebound.

Their phone number is 321-217-4165.  Phone calls are a very real encouragement to them.

Please be assured that if anything new develops, we will keep you up to date.

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