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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What can 13 first graders do?

This is what they can do!

SFCA 1st graders giving RMI check for earthquake relief 2-4-10 tuned

Thirteen first graders at Southwest Florida Christian Academy, Ft. Myers, FL worked extra chores and collected money to give to Haiti earthquake relief.  They raised $65!  An anonymous donor added $100 to honor their efforts, bringing their total gift to $165.  I was able to go their class to share with them about Haiti and the earthquake.  Here they are presenting me with the check and with some pictures that I left with them to show the earthquake effects, a young survivor and relief aid being delivered. 

Their teacher, Debbie Fulwider, shared that as they visited their church’s mission booths 2 days later, one of the missionaries asked the class if any of them would be interested in being a missionary.  She said, “Almost the whole class threw up their arms and said that they wanted to go to Haiti to help. 

I pray that we are growing up a generation to help spread the gospel around the world while serving others. 

Your organization and the people of Haiti will be in our prayers!  Thank you for all you do to help others.”

It is so cool to see how their young hearts were touched.  They gave generously and God used them.  With their gift, RMI was able to give food to a handicap school in Cayes that has 12 in-resident students.  What a ministry for this new generation to have.

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