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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1st Day of Assembly

Kim Rose, RMI’s VP, and the team first set up the jigs.  They then began assembling the first house.  This house is being set up temporarily in the RMI storage yard to make sure that everyone understands how it should be done, especially RMI’s Haitian contractor, Wilfred, who will be supervising the construction.  


Wilfred, in the blue hat, and Kim Rose.

IMG_3890With all the various parts precut, it was kind of like putting together a giant puzzle or erector set:  part A fits into part B which then fits part C.  Once D and E are together, attach them to C – you get the idea!  It’s not as easy as it looks.





It’s coming along!


Raising the first finished wall.


A job well done!


Moving the first wall out of the way and bringing in the frame of the 2nd 20’ wall panel.

You can see the rest of the first day of assembly pictures here.

Today they will finish the assembly and be able to see what a finished home looks like.  Stay tuned for more pictures and an update.

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