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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seeing is believing

Pictures tell a thousand words, so here are some!


Here it comes!  It arrived at 5 p.m. from Port-au-Prince after having cleared customs in record time…God’s timing!


Maneuvering into the RMI work & storage yard is a bit tricky.


Getting ready to cut the security seal.  The workteam from 2nd Cape May Baptist Church, Marmora, NJ were anxious to get to work unloading the container.  Drew Thompson is there in the back making sure they do it right.


A little load shift in route, but after stabilizing it, everything was fine. 



RMI president, Dan Shoemaker. 


This 20 ft. container holds the parts, pieces & components for 30 homes!

IMG_3807 IMG_3821

Many hands make light work – and did they need a lot of hands!



These things were not light!


They worked into the night.  All of these components will make storm worthy homes, up to International Hurricane and Earthquake Codes.


Finally finished.  What a job!!

To see all of the pictures, click here.  The first pictures in the file show the team putting a tin covering over the 3 storage containers in the RMI yard.  They were working hard on that all day while they waited for the container to arrive.

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