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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Devon & his bright yellow shoes

What is Devon up to these days?

Devon, ultimate frizbee & yellow shoes

Ultimate Frisbee.  You can’t miss him, he’s the one with the neon yellow cleats!

Devon throwing the frizbee

He’s a great player and has been playing pickup games with local groups.  He’s organizing a regular team so they can participate in more league tournaments.

Devon & cousins camps May '10

Camping at Peace River with his cousins, Caleb and Jonathan.

Devon in Peace River

Ice cold water, but the motivation is the fossils that they find in the river…you ought to see the cool shark teeth they find.  One was big enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

Devon fishing

Deep sea fishing.  And he’s good at it!

Devon snorkling

Snorkeling & free diving.  He can hold his breath for 2.5 minutes…that’s a long time.

Devon & cousins at Christmas

“Innocent” cousins at Christmas time.  Front row: Jonathan & Devon.  Back row: Caleb, David, Dawn and Kyle Vrooman (yeah, I know he’s not a cousin.  He & Devon grew up together in Haiti and now they are sharing an apartment in Naples.  I call him the son that I don’t remember giving birth to.  He’s a part of the family now.)

Devon & Dawn

Dawn and her big brother.

Devon camping at Peace River

Anything that includes living on the edge & a healthy dose of adrenaline, that’s where you’ll find him.  He recently jumped out of perfectly good airplane!  If it didn’t cost so much, he’d do it on a regular basis.

He recently had his 23rd birthday.  Is it a surprise that he loved the gift we gave him…a gift card to Bass Pro Shops, his favorite store that covers all of the above activities.

Yep, we’re proud of him!

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