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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Minute House

You didn’t know that it could be done – but here’s proof that a house can be built in one minute.

Fred Feiertag, from Grace Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA, put this together.  Their team was in Haiti last week and put together this model home in the RMI depot yard. 

Fred was so excited when he heard about Homes for Haiti, that he took the artist’s drawing of the home and made a 1/12th scale model of it, complete with a goat on the porch.  (It’s priceless, isn’t it?!)

 Fred Feiertag's model scale home

Here is the real life picture, complete with a goat, taken last week!

Team picture in front of house

The windows and doors are on another container that is in customs.  The guys did a great job!

It’s so exciting to see these Homes take shape.  We need more homes sponsored!  Help us get these homes in the hands of displaced Haitian families!!  Details on how to do that are at

P.S.  You’ll see Dawn taking pictures at the 18 and 26 second mark.  You have to look fast to see her!  She’s dressed in blue and is in front of the house.

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