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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Volleyball State Champion!

Dawn has enjoyed being in Ft. Myers' largest Christian school, Evangelical Christian School. At 5’11”, the coach immediately put her on the jr. varsity volleyball team. (Seems Dawn has grown a bit and is 6' now!)This year she is in 11th grade and was on the varsity volleyball team — they had a fantastic year, too! They swept their district, region and took the State Volleyball 2A Championship!! [She is #13.] Here are a few photos from our local newspaper. Not bad -- going from the outback of Haiti to a state championship team in less than a year!! Yep, we are shamelessly proud of her! Being a part of the volleyball team has helped her integrate into life in the U.S.

She’s also involved in an off season volleyball club. Another bit of news is that she is now wearing glasses and has her learner’s permit! Between school, sports and other activities we are kept on our toes and in the car quite a least now insteading of chauffeuring, we get chauffeured! Pray for her (and us) as she starts to consider college and career choices. She has an outstanding testimony and character. She feels that God is calling her into fulltime service.

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