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Friday, February 15, 2008

What's up with Devon?

Since moving to the US Devon has worked with his uncle, Dave, in roofing, then he moved to the Dallas, Texas area for a few months where he worked in a company striping parking lots. One day last fall he showed up on our doorstep with all his earthly belongings. After several weeks of picking up odd jobs and considering what to do, he made the decision to attend Columbia International University in Columbia, SC. He made a whirlwind last trip/fling to Haiti with a bunch of missionary kids that he grew up with over Christmas and New Year's. He flew home on a Friday and the next day he and Dan drove to Columbia. They spent several days getting him enrolled and moved into the dorm at CIU. God has given him a great roommate and he seems to be enjoying his courses. This is a real step of faith for all of us! He has no money and we don't have any to help him with. Pray for God's provision AND His guidance as Devon considers his future.
P.S. His health is good now. Once he recovered from his near death illness December 2005, he continues to be fine. For which we are very happy and grateful to God! Although it would do these parents' hearts a world of good if he wasn't such an adrenaline junky!!! We'd love to experience grandchildren one day. :)

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